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An Evening with Bob Flowerdew 

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 20TH  MAJOR EVENT!   Doors open 6.30pm   "An evening with  BOB FLOWERDEW" , Bob has a well honed, witty, yet informative  ‘No Work Gardening’ where he pokes fun at commonly accepted gardening advice over the heads of foolish garden experts and those who proffer daft advice. 

We will also have a LICENCED BAR  **   Raffle 

TICKETS   £20 pp

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More information

Doors open at 6.30pm this allows the audience time to register and get their Drinks etc. the Talk will start at 7.30pm or thereabouts.

There will be ample parking and we will have stewards available to answer any questions you may have.

please contact through the website for any other information, we like to reply withing 24 hours.

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