The Charltons Horticultural Society  NEWS

The Committee has appointed member Dee Powel as its' Secretary commencing August 2022


The CHS is pleased to announce that we are now an Affiliated Member of the RHS, benefits to members will be announced soon.


Tickets for the Chris Beardshaw event are selling well, 80% sold already (up to the end of July) Anyone wanting any please get them soon.



The Committee are pleased to announce that Jools Ford has joined us, she will bring much needed ideas & help to the Committee. She will be acting as Membership Secretary.




Don't forget to RSVP the Chris Beardshaw event to get priority for tickets. Go to the Events page to register.


Joining us couldn't be easier, message us and we will get back to you with all the information you need.

Come along to our Marquee on Village day, 28th August 2021 and sign up there.

Contact us through this website on the contact page.


A Bit of Fun! 

from one of our members,


If you grow healthy toms when all about you are losing theirs and furious with you

If you can beat the slugs when all men doubt you And save your hostas, delphs and dahlias too;

If you can weed and not be bored by weeding, Nor get depressed when bindweed reappears Nor fume to find vine weevils ate your fuchsias But grow another lot to feed next year’s

If you can dream and not be disappointed When all you dreamed turns out to be a mess;

If you can think your garden could be Wisley Instead of some chaotic wilderness

If you can meet with well-known gardening experts To find you’re not alone without a clue

If you can bear to hear your gardening question Provoking hoots of laughter aimed at you Or face the urn your mother gave you, broken, By bulging roots of cannas or of yew

If you can make one heap of all your compost And hurt your back when turning it again And nip your fingers with the secateurs Which you then drop, and lose amid the pain

If all your pots dry out in summer heatwaves While you are soaked in rain on hols abroad Or your hydrangeas get baked brown in summer Then winter drowns your yuccas in wet mud

If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew To hope plants live long after they are gone And keep the space where trilliums once grew In case they grow again before too long

If you can deal with mildew without swearing And preferably without a fungicide And suffer plagues of whitefy without caring Or wake up to find your precious acer died And grit your teeth, dig up the thing and bin it To find there’s honey-fungus in the sod Yours is the earth and everything that’s in it, For you’ve become a Gardener, by God!